22 November 2011

postheadericon Going to be away from the psp world a little while!

Hi my computer decided to die on me so i need to get me a new one, i am using my fiance's while i wait but not going to install psp and stuff so i decided to take a break from the net for a few weeks my new computer is no lap top so lets hope that will work longer i am so sick of loosing everything i download and buy now i am going to buy a computer that is super and cost a lot, the one i ordrede is going to cost me 2500 $ over time but hell i am sick of computers die on me and i need to collect all stuff back so i am not going to be able to post to my blog or anything until i get the new computer, i will check my mail tho and answer all mails as i have time.

My boyfriend helped me choose part by part so its going to be 3 years varenty on it i am so excited, so bear with me be back as soon as i got all in order

Until i see you guys again bye
19 November 2011

postheadericon New Gradients :D

I made some new gradients for you all, have a great weekend :o)

16 November 2011

postheadericon Are you ready for xmas?

Ok so i have been feeling like i got hit by a truck the last couple of weeks and i have not been able to do much useful yet.. But now i feel little better and i feel like maybe its time to get into xmas spirit and get some new freebies up for you? I also need to start xmas shopping i hate to be late and do everything in last minute.

But i am back now and will have some new freebies up for you all this week, lots to come just wait and see;)

06 November 2011

postheadericon Confidence

This is what we are going to make:

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP
For my tutorials I used PSP 9 and Animation Shop

Supplies needed

Tube and close up of choice
I used the great art of Zlata M you can find her tubes at PFD
Texture of choice - you can find lots with a google search or deviant
Animation i used Globbysparklies by Missy u can down load on her 
blog Here
Fonts of choice - I used Lainie Day & Pixelette


Eyecandy 4000
Alien Skin-Xenofex 2-consellation-settings of choice
Vanderlee Unplugged X

Ok lets start

Open New Canvas 650 x 250

Open up your texture of choice and press shift + D so you get a copy of it and close

the original. Resize to fit your canvas 650 X 250 

Open up you tube of choice and place it  to the right then duplicate

it and mirror so you get the close up in both ends of the canvas like this

Now merge both close up layers, and duplicate again,
go to original close up layer and
 Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur
Radius 2,0

Now go to the duplicated close up layer and 
choose properties blend mod - Hard Light 

Go to your texture layer and effects - UnPlugged X -Interlace

With these settings:

1- 50 - 50 - 1 - 0 - 50

Transparency 0

Go back to the top close up layer and merge the two close up layers down

then go back to Unplugged X this time we will use Deinterlace

With these settings:

70 - 10 - 60

Transparency 0

Then back to the close up layer again, then effects

Unplugged X - Interlace with the same settings as before

1- 50 - 50 - 1 - 0 - 50

Transparency 0

open up the main tube resize as you like and paste in the middle 

of the canvas...

Now You should have something like this

Now find your font of choice and write

"Confidence is what makes a girl sexy"

on top to both left and right for the main tube..

(but be sure that you have marked the layer behind the main tube)

When you have what you want go to
effects Eyecandy 4000 - Gradient Glow
choose a color from your tube

With These Settings:

Glow Width - 3.0
Soft Corners - 25%
Overall Opacity - 100

Now hit the pen tool

set your foreground color to black and background color to 

I used the Dash Dot line

choose the setting that fits your likings

i used default settings

Now add the chosen line 

both over and under your text

now you should have something like this

If you got the layers behind the main tube as you like
merge them all down and add copyright info..

Close off you tube layer

Copy Merged
and paste as a new image

Add  border
settings 3
color of choice
i used black

Now open you animation shop

Copy the merged layer and paste as a new animation
in animation shop

now open up your animation of choice
   i used Globbysparklies by Missy  
resize the animation to fit your canvas if it is to big

duplicated your tag into as many frames as the animation
you will use have.

Then highlight your animation and select all frames
then copy and  choose your tag frame and select all frames then
paste into selected frames.. (paste it in the middle)

test your animation if it looks right 
go back to your psp and copy your main tube of choice
then paste as a new animation into animation shop

now remember to duplicate it into the same amount as your
other frame Then highlight - select all frames

then copy and choose your tag frame and select all frames then

paste into selected frames.. (paste it in the middle)

Now test your animation and if it looks right to you

go back to psp and choose your font of choice

write your name

When you have what you want go to
effects Eyecandy 4000 - Gradient Glow
choose a color from your tube

With These Settings:

Glow Width - 3.0
Soft Corners - 25%
Overall Opacity - 100

Now copy and go back to animation shop
paste as new animation

remember to duplicate it into the same amount as your
other frame Then highlight - select all frames

then copy and choose your tag frame and select all frames then

paste into selected frames..

place it were you want.

Now you are done, i hope you enjoyed
my tutorial..

This is my second try to write a tutorial so hope it was ok :o)

04 November 2011

postheadericon Rainbow Paws

I love how these turned out, they are so cute ^^,
Don't forget to leave me some l♥ve if you like my stuff!

postheadericon Rainbow Quotes

Here are some Quotes in the color of the rainbow,
hope you like them :o)

postheadericon Green Sparkle

Size 650 X 250

postheadericon Pink Block Set

I made a set of animation

Tag Animation 650 X 500

Forum animation 650 X 250


29 October 2011

postheadericon Gradients 1-12

I made you all some gradients, i love to play
with colors. And this is how they all turned out..
Hope you like them, if you do don't forget to leave some love ;o)

28 October 2011

postheadericon Pink Glitz

postheadericon Frosted Water

postheadericon Falling Feathers

Size 650 X 250


Size 650 X 250


postheadericon Crazy Sparkles

Size 650 X 250

postheadericon Color Fantastic

Oh i love how this turned out (^^,)
Size 650 X 250 so you can use it for forum tags etc..

27 October 2011

postheadericon Xmas Sparkle 1

Here is another one!

postheadericon Xmas Sparkle

So i got around to make some xmas sparkles (^^,)
Not that long until xmas now!

postheadericon Blue Mess

postheadericon Halloween Burst

So i made some Halloween animation for you all, hope you like them
If you do don't forget to leave me some luuuuv♥ ;o)

postheadericon Halloween Swirl

Here is another animation for you all!

postheadericon Rainy Day

I love adding effects to my tags, like flares, blasts and rain,snow ect..
I decided to make a rain animation in mng formate so you can add to your
forum tags.
its 650 X 250
this is what you get (its transparent)
so you can add it right on your forum tag/banner ect..
This is an example of what you can use it for.

26 October 2011

postheadericon Vivien Leigh

postheadericon Maureen Ohara

postheadericon Bing Crosby

postheadericon Audrey Hepburn

postheadericon Pink Whatever

I love how this word art turned out,
hot pink and with sparkles<3

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Take My Blinkie

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